• How can I register?

    Architects, Planners and Engineers with verified professional bodies

  • Requirement Matrix for applications

    Copy of Title Deed, Location Plan, Previous Mutations, Official Search <30 days, OwnerΓÇÖs consent

  • What is a Construction Permit ?

    E-CP is an automated system used to electronically approve submitted plans by architects through the portal. Architects are able to submit their drawings through the system for the approvers based at the County of Kajiado to electronically approve the building proposals.

  • When I have forgotten my password, what is required of me to access the system?

    • Click on ΓÇ£sign inΓÇ¥
    • Below you will see a link ΓÇ£forgot passwordΓÇ¥
    • Click the link
    • Type the ΓÇ£usernameΓÇ¥ or ΓÇ£email addressΓÇ¥ you used during the initial registration process
    • An email will be sent to your inbox where you will find a link. Click on the link and reset the password.
    • You have successfully reset the password. Use the new username and password to log into the system
  • What are the minimum requirements to apply for a Construction Permit?

    Some of the documents that would be required when submitting a new application include

    • Ownership documents
    • Council Rate Receipt
    • Survey Plan/RIM/Beacon Certificate
    • New plans or Copy of Approved Plans
  • What is an Occupation Certificate?

    A Certificate of Occupancy is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying a building's compliance with applicable building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for occupancy.

  • Can the user of the Construction Permit System be able to track the progress of the application?

    Users can be able to track the progress of their application. Users can log into the system with their credentials and be able to view how far their application has gone and the number of days the application has spent in a certain station. The system generates a unique number for the application which the user can be able to track e.g. CPM AAA 001 The system can also be able to notify/send notification to the user through text messages and email or both once the application goes to the next approver. This depends on how the user chooses to receive the notifications.

  • How is the application circulated to the reviewers in the Construction Permit System?

    Applications can be circulated either simultaneously or consecutively.

    • Simultaneous circulation
    • Consecutive circulation
    The reviewers can access the application one at a time and in a structured way. The application moves from one reviewer to the next in a sequential manner until it is approved by all the reviewers who are supposed to view the application.

  • Can a reviewer be able to edit another reviewerΓÇÖs comment?

    A reviewer cannot be able to edit another reviewerΓÇÖs comment. A reviewer can only be able to view the comments without making any changes. A reviewer makes comments only on his/her comment sheet.

  • Who are the reviewers involved to in the Construction Permit System?

    The reviewers involved in the construction permit system include:-

    • Development Control
    • Forward Planning
    • Fire Protection
    • Roads
    • Housing Development
    • Structural
    • Public Health (MOH)
    • Monitoring & Enforcement
    Some of the external reviewers include but not limited to the following:-
    • Kajiado Water and Sewerage Company
    • NEMA

  • Does the application need to go through all the reviewers for it to be successful?

    An application is circulated to the relevant departments depending on its complexity. Small applications will be circulated to fewer reviewers to assess it while more complex applications will be circulated to more departments for a technical review.

  • How will a user be able to know that his/her application has been successful or not?

    As the application goes through the reviewers, the system tabulates the application as a percentage as it goes through to the next reviewer. When all the reviewers have commented on the application then the systems marks it as 100%. Meaning that all the reviewers have gone through the application and made comments on the comment sheet.

  • What happens to the application when the circulation is not successful?

    If a circulation is not successful then the application is rejected and the user of the application is notified of its status.

  • What options are available for the user to receive notifications on the status of the application?

    The Construction Permit system gives an option to receive notifications via SMS or Mail. The notification can be sent either when a milestone has been achieved or when the building proposal has approved.

  • Can a reviewer be able to edit an application once itΓÇÖs submitted to the next reviewer?

    Once an application has been submitted by a reviewer with comments, he/she cannot edit the application. The reviewer can only be able to view the application without editing on the comment sheet.

  • In which format is does the Construction Permit System allow users to upload the file?

    Applications in construction permit can be uploaded either as .pdf, .mpeg .doc, .txt and others except for .exe, .bat, and other file types that pose a threat to online systems.

  • What is an Agenda report?

    An Agenda report constitutes applications which have gone through the circulation and endorsed and this forms the basis of an agenda meeting. The application will be discussed in the agenda meeting and the comments given by the evaluators will be discussed and the conclusion will determine if the application will be approved or rejected.

  • What happens if a reviewer is absent for a number of days?

    The system is able to select another reviewer in the same department to review the application. Delays are thus avoided in approving or rejecting a submitted application.

  • How to get permit?

    Come to county offices with number

  • How do i get to econtruction system?

    • use recommended Mozilla Firefox
    • follow the link: http://kajiado-cp.otbafrica.com/
    • then logging screen(username and password)